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Your hot water system is the engine room of your home. It helps to ensure your bathroom, kitchen and laundry can perform well every day. From the invigorating morning shower to the heavy-duty clothes wash, you need a hot water system that can effectively meet the needs of your family.


Christchurch Hot Water Cylinders

Medium pressure cylinders

Are a step up from low pressure, giving stronger flow to showers and mixing taps. While it is not mains pressure it is a great alternative from low pressure without the cost of a full upgrade to mains pressure.

The cylinders are Vitreous Enamel lined cylinders which suits a greater range of water conditions. The valves around the cylinder are upgraded to enable stronger pressure.

 Mains pressure cylinders

Are normally made from glass lined steel, however if your town supply pressure is not that great then a mains pressure cylinder won’t make a lot of difference. Often with a mains pressure cylinder, if more than one tap is running in the house there is very little change to the water temperature (don’t you just hate it in the shower when someone turns a tap on?).

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